women's surf lesson

Why you should have a women’s surf lesson

Want to try something new or get better at surfing? Having a women’s only surf lesson is a great way to get outdoors, make new friends, and step outside your comfort zone!

My women’s surf and yoga days in Cornwall and Wales are ideal. Including a surf lesson and surf specific yoga session, you’ll have fun with like minded female surfers in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment!

Here’s a few reasons why you should join Corinne’s Surf Tour and have a women’s only surf lesson;

Tick something off your bucket list

Surfing’s one of those must-do activities. Whether you’re drawn to the surfer girl lifestyle or looking for the adrenalin rush of riding waves, a surf lesson will teach you the correct techniques. You’ll learn everything from how to pop-up on the surfboard to beach safety.

Most people stand up on their first lesson and experience that exhilarating feeling. I guarantee, you’ll be hooked and what was once a bucket list thing will become a lifelong passion!

Build your confidence

Surfing’s an incredible way to improve your confidence. Every year, I see women who’ve never surfed before enter the water feeling nervous but leave buzzing with their inner confidence unleashed.

And there’s girls who can already surf but want to push themselves and progress further. By the end of the lesson, they’ve boosted their confidence and can’t wait to get back out there to practise what they’ve learnt!

The key to building confidence is to step outside your comfort zone. Either by doing something you’ve never done before or pushing yourself to reach that next level!

Meet like-minded women

I created Corinne’s Surf Tour to encourage more women like you to learn to surf. It can feel a little intimidating surfing with guys, plus they don’t feel as self conscious about their bodies as we sometimes do.

My surf days are a great opportunity to feel relaxed and learn with like-minded women. You’ll have chance to swap surf stories and contact details over lunch. Lots of the girls who’ve attended in the past have stayed in touch and formed really strong friendships. Surf buddies for life!

Improve your surfing

If you’ve surfed before, I’ll help you work towards your surf goals. That could be anything from nailing your pop-up to dropping in and better wave selection. We’ll go through things on the beach first in a theory session before hitting the waves. I’ll be with you in the water giving you pointers along the way.

One of the main things I get asked for help with is water confidence. A lot of women have had a bad coaching or wipeout experience in the past which has put them off and hindered their progress. I understand how scary that can feel and I’ll help to get you back on track in no time!

It’s good for your mind and soul

Surfing’s like no other sport. As well as keeping you physically fit, it helps your mind.

As surfers, we constantly need to think about the ocean, what the conditions are like, where the waves are breaking and where we need to be on our surfboards. It helps us to live in the moment and be more mindful. Plus being surrounded by nature is incredible for the soul – it makes us happier and improves our mood!

Yoga goes hand in hand with surfing and is also good for the mind. A pre-surf yoga session on my surf days will help you get focussed, feel relaxed and ready to take on the waves.


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It could change your life

I’m amazed at how surfing has changed my life. It’s improved my confidence, allowed me to travel and meet some amazing people. Plus it’s enabled me to build a career doing something I’m really passionate about.

Every year I talk to women on my surf days whose lives have also changed thanks to surfing. They’ve travelled the world searching for waves, swapped city living for a life by the sea and volunteered with surf charities. Surfing’s opened doors they never thought possible!

All because one day they decided to have a surf lesson!

Have a surf lesson with me!

Who knows where surfing could lead you! Learn to surf or improve your surfing on a women’s only surf lesson in Cornwall or Wales.

My women’s only surf days are fun, encouraging, relaxed and friendly. I can’t wait to share the stoke with you!